Genealogical Excerpts from the Farm Journal of Seaborn J. Hawk of Jasper County, Georgia, 1854 - 1862

My Father, Andrew Hawk, grand father
the same name, of Augusta, Ga, the first
setling of Augusta
My uncles Peter, Jacob, & William
" Aunts, Peggy Harris of Va
" Mother Ursula, her father William Watts
from England, his father William, _____
church minister -
fathers mother was Christena Indelidga[?]
from pennsilvania or newhampshire

Mothers statement just before
she died in 1856

[18]59 Seaborn J. Hawk

April 29, 1854 – Breakin corn middle, Ware place, replant bottom & corner field
May 15, 1854 – finish plant cotton here at home 100 acres

Cotton Bills for ’54
8 bales sold to Evans 223.98
24 bales sold at Augusta March 10763.81
1 bales remnant Madison March 21st 38.48

1855 money paid out ‘54
Paid cash to Davidson 104.25
Paid cash to Norton for Group 2.00
Paid cash to Gibson " Sheep Shear 1.00
Paid cash to T. Spearman iron 4.50
Paid cash to Jas Harrison table cloth 7.50
Paid cash to Geiger for Tilmon Hawk 51.96
Paid cash for corn by Seaborn Jr 20.00
Paid cash to Geiger for sows & pig, & watch 5.00
Paid cash to count Whist & beeland sons 1.10
Fob Note to Beeland 9.20
Nanch Thompson 2 Rieton 150 Redham 1 4.50

Pedigree of Red Buck as given by Mr. Thomas House his owner. Red Buck was bred by Col Rayder of Virginia and was got by the justly celebrated horse Golden Cepter, etc… [a full page of this, would that he had devoted as much print to his own pedigree]

July 1862
8 Leverett thresh our wheat 421/2 bushells
9 … hoe corn at Hollands

June 1854
4 Jacob S. Geiger spend the day with us

July 1854
5 went plantation to work cotton plow & hoe
7 good season at both places finis plant potatoes
17 Sent Bill to Tilmons to work

Sept 1854
23 Wade died abot 3 oclock A M 23rd

Names of slaves from a production grid Sept, Oct 1854
Lewis, Edmon, Stephen, Carter, Tom, Wade, Isaac, Let W, Fan, Charlotte, Jane, Anachy, Rachal, Lucy, Ben, Bill, Bet, Charles

Nov 1854
27 Davidson left for Ala

Dec 1854
9 comenced framing overseers house

Feb 1855
17 went to patterson Aken, visit

March 1855
15 rain & hail, Return from Augusta

July 1855
1 rain good shower at Col Newton

September 1855
18 bargained with Jesse Tucker for next year, I promise to give him two hundred dollars & have a well dug, Tucker to give all his time to my buisness & if either become dissatisfied at liberty to be off & settle for what time he stays at the rate of two hundred dollars a year

October 1855
26 finished sowing blue straw wheat for old Avery 13 ผ bushells
31 finis sowing 9 ฝ bushels brushed over
" Myself & Lynn went to Madison

June 1856
5 finis choping Dingler Hill cotton

September 1856
12 went with Hillsmon Hawk to the Association at flat Rock Church Jones County
15 returned home

December 1856
14 taken super at Pows
22 give out 16 blankets, one each to Lewis, Stephen, Ed, Milia, Isaac, Rachal, Ephram, Fanny, and others unnamed

March 1857
21 soled logs in big bottom, 3 of Newtons 2 Leverett, ____

April 1857
23 frost, planting boyd prolific cotton seed ‘Sedgefield’, went to Pows, spend the day, Pow not near done planting __ & __ corn

May 1857
2 ... Plant 23 grains of Pows prolific corn in garden
9 ... went to Thomas Jeffries
10 went to Midway, G. T. Spearman preach …. good sermon
13 left home for the low country
28 Returned home, not quite done plant big bottom

July 12th 1857
Went to providence - meeting of seventeen days - continuence closed with the addition of 20 converts
John A Boon
Saml Blackwell
Troup Holland
Ed I Walton
Richard Newton
Willis Newton
Charles Bussey Jr
Thomas Green
Joseph W Thompson
Macon W Shaw
James Green
James Lancaster - A Turks overseer
Miss Susan Tucker
" Julia Newton
" Emily Winn
" Carry Vincent
" Martha Levrett
" Elizabeth Leverett
Mrs Green
Miss Nancy Blackwell

August 1857
20 … help raise BRDge bridge on Murder Creek, Wm C Leverett

December 1857
4 Sowed white wheat T. Hawk
18 – 23 [butchering hogs, sold to C P Bogans, Tucker, T. Hawk, S. Hawk, S.H.
29 white sow got 4 pigs, Tilmons

January 1858
5 Bought 4 Axes in Monticelo Paterson & Law[?]
28 … visit Pow

Feb 1858

17 Help Levrett Build Bridge cross dich at Brown house
18 Ephraim make water gate at Mrs Baynes dich

March 1858
29 went to Monticello dine with J.B. Meychee[?]

April 1858
26 went to court Spend the week as Juror

May 1858
25 went to Oxford for Henry Geiger

June 1858
9 wennt to Patterson Akins Rain

December 1858
To the honorable body of commishenors Jasper Conty Ga the undersign ____ that Handy Williams be put on the pauper list of said County. for support. He is Sixty years of age and blind. He has no childrens or relitives except his aged wife who is about sixty years of age. To provide for him. He made his living by work up to December last. At which time he went completely blind. He is needing assistance badly. [This undated page falls between the Dec 1858 page and the Jan 1859 page.]

January 1859
8 ... sold J Tucker [some hogs]
10 [killed] 20 young pigs white sow Tilmon 7,

20 Bought two young mules of Mr. Wooton for 175 dollars each

February 1859

8 Tucker swap for bay horse
9 Wet & cloudy putting up Tuckers garden

March 1859
10 went to Eatonton to see Broadfield. Bargained with him to build meeting house.
15 went to Newton sold horse for $160
16 Returned found all well, bed cotton
28 bought bay filly from E.W.Baynes, been with stud colt at Ed Leveretts

April 1859
12 Bought carriage in Madison of Robertson & Deater[?] for $380.

May 1859
2 ... Tilmon sent waggon to factory to Hall
4 Sarah complaining sore throat
24 went to C.P.Akins ...
29 went to Midway dine at H Geiger
30 finis cut wheat & nearly cut Tilmon

June 1859

1 wrote to Hamilton H. Kaigler & J. Phillips
4 hall up wheat Tilmon help

July 1859

1 finished Thrash wheat 135 ฝ bushells Leverett ... Tilmons wheat 28 ฝ bushells
10 visit Col Newton in eve, Mrs N sick
11 visit E.W. Baynes cloudy A.M.

August 1859

16 visit Pow with M.M.Culclarune[?]

October 1859

14 visit Edward Leverett, found very sick but Rational mostly, a little out of his head occasionally
15 Tucker reports about 10 bales cotton out.

November 5, 1859 Bo[ugh]t Negro shoes 23 pair
Ephraim, Lewis, Edmon, Carter, Stephen, Fan, Jane, Tom, Harriet, Rachal, Isaac, Lucy, Phillis, Sarah, Ben, Peter, Anachy, Milia, Wade, Amanda, Frank, Ransom, Susan …. Sarah complaining

December 1859

24 Levi Greens rope … J Daws rope …
25 fair & cool Mixon preach at Calvary
30 cloudy all day, went Gords place ..

Georgia Jasper County Dec 28th 1859
Whereas the undersigned is about to enter into an arrangement with Seaborn Womac for the management of his plantation in the county of Jasper Georgia. It is expressly agreed and understood that the said S. Womac is to use his best exertion, and all his time and energy, not onley in the making of the crop, but in the care and attention to the negroes, property and stock in accordance with instructions given or may be given from time to time, For and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and sixty four dollars for the year eighteenhundred and sixty, or at the rate of twenty two dollars per month if this agreement be dissolved sooner than the time specified of which a notice of five days must be given by either party.

Seaborn Womac his mark

In the present,
of Thomas H. Hawk
Seaborn J. Hawk

Jan 1860

2 finished killing hogs … sold to Womack ... to Tucker … to T. Hawk …
24 Lewis Ranaway, 27 Lewis come in, out 3 days & nights.

Feb 1860

6 finished gining. Packed 1 Bale for Mr Daws … Mrs Bayns .. S. Hawks …
9 Aple Trees bot of J. M. Geiger …
13 Lewis Ranaway again Monday A.M.
15 come in, out 2 days & nights
27 went to Madison, last coton

April 2nd 1860 went to fairburn founds[?], here is some of the names of the Hotel [written in hismost elegant script, names in paragraph format] [diary page 77]
T. Christian Wm Christian, Rob Roann, Tilmon Long, J Edmonson, Hen Stricling, Mat Read, M. J. Walker, J. L. Lyon, J. D. West, Sam Cole, J. M. Tidd, W. F. Landrum, T. J. Foster, Josh Hearn J. P., Z. B. Blalock, J.J.C., Wright Martin, J.J. Varner, H. McCowen col, P.M. Tidwell, & Danforth Lawyers, in cas___ against old Wm Trantmann

April 1860
12 ...first 4 acres next to crop fence between myself & Mr Daws…

May 1860

7 Hariet & Sister Irena spent the day at Whitfield
23 Stephen run off about 10:00 AM
26 Stephen come in Early A.M.
27 prayer meeting at Zion Calvary Mixon present
31 Eph. & Ed. Help Raise Leveretts house.

June 1860
10 Sab went to Calvary Neace [?] pr.. good Sermon

August 1860
8 heavy Rain evening Jacob & E. Geiger here

September 1860

5 wrote to Thomas Hawk

January 1861
30 Send 2 hands to Newtons, roll logs

Feb 2 1861
Stephen 5
Edmon 5
Ephraim 5
Lewis 5
Tom 5
Carter 5
Ben 2.50
Isaac 2.50
Wade 1.50 35.50

Feb 1861
25 wrote to Philips & Thomas Hawk

April 1861
22 on Grand Jurror went to town

July 1st 1861
Wrote to D.A. Ogburn & Thomas H. Hawk

August 1861
9 Sent Boy Lewis to R. Jordans for sheep

Jan 1862
8 covering house at Tilmons place
11 finis cover house
14 brot sheep to Whitfields mill field
22 wrote to J.P. Groover Dawson County Harris side
23 swap mule to J. F. Thompson for Charley Horse

Feb 1862
12 Stephen ran off
21 work at Hollands

March 1862
10 Went to Hollands, all hands nearly
11 Steph came inn, out 4 weeks, lack 1 day
31 went to T. Hawks place plant corn

April 1862
1 went to Monticello, pleasant day
3 left Hollands, ground wet …
19 went Eatonton factory engaged Bale cloth
20 Tom & Philis to Daws …
21 found overseers cow with young calf
30 Serve on Grand Juror 3 days C.H.Greier[?]

May 1862
3 plant rice, give all hands half day
" let Pitts have 2 lambs. 132 in all left
5 help move Macon Shaw to mill
12 visit C P Aken
[The diary ends with the page titled July 1862.]