George W. Aycock Guardianship Papers on Children of Ganaway Hawk, May 1867

Georgia, Walton County.
By the Honorable the Court of Ordinary of said county.

To George W. Aycock of said county Greeting. Whereas Florence Hawk, Lula Hawk and Brewer G. Hawk minor orphans of Ganaway Hawk deceased are possessed in their own right of a considerable estate by means whereof the power of granting the Guardianship of the said orphans to the court is manifestly known to belong. And for the better securing the estate and more ample maintainance and education of the said orphans and from the integrity and confidence reposed in you the court doth hereby the tuition education and guardianship of the said orphans to you the said George W. Aycock you assenting thereto by your acceptance of these letters herein charging you that you maintain and cause to be educated said orphans in such manner as shall be suitable to their interests and circumstances during their minority and that you inquire into and take charge of their estate both real and personal and all other things to do which by law you might to do for your said wards. Of all which a true and perfect account you shall render to the court yearly according to law during your continuance in office. And lastly you are hereby constituted and appointed Guardian of the aforesaid orphans during their minority.

In witness whereof and by authority of said court at a regular term thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office this 6th day of May 1867.
Jesse Mitchell, Ordinary of said court.

Recorded May 8th, 1867, Thomas Giles, D. Clk.

[Note that this record is written in a lined journal.]