To brother John M. L. ---

I left my saddle there. I want you to use it until I call for it, and if I never do, I make you a present of it. I want you to go with your sisters whenever they ask you, and wait on them, to do which will confer a great favor on them, and an honor on your self. Listen to the advice of a brother who too experienced the ill effects of neglect. Strive to improve your mind while you are young. Donít allow your mind to run too much after sport, and fun. It will nary profit you anything. You have it in your power if you will apply yourself right to obtain an education, which will be worth more to you than all the pleasures that are to be found in policing and sporting. Endeavor to shun all bad company but strive to have the good will of all.

C. M. Leverett

Citty tell Harriett, and Russ, and Julia, and Emmy and all the others(?) howdy for me and forget me not.

C. M. L.


[Annotation by Victor Hawk: I believe this may be the letter from "two years ago" that C. M. Leverett wrote to his brother John, giving it an 1854 date.]