Records of Andrew's unconnected grandchildren

John Hawk

The records I have on John may refer to more than one man. The first record is for an 1802 birth as listed in a bible. (In the Jewell Moats Lancaster book on Jasper County records.) The next is an 1818 Jasper County marriage to Piety Jones, probable daughter of Jesse Jones of Elbert County (formerly part of Wilkes), and some relation to Seaborn Jones of Washington County, probably the namesake for Seaborn Jones Hawk. The same year John placed an advertisement in the Georgia Journal, and he was living in Jasper County at the time. Still in Jasper, he won land in Irwin County in the 1820 draw. Piety is named as an heir to Jesse Jones' estate in 1822, and this is the last record I have of her. John left a letter at the Monticello post office in 1825. I next have an 1830 Greene Co. marriage of John Hawke to Mary Head. In 1832 John again was lucky in the land lottery, receiving a lot in Cherokee County, and he was living in Greene County at the time. There is no record of him on the 1840 census. The 1844 LW&T of Thomas Head of Putnam County lists John as a witness - but not Mary (wonder if Mary had died). He is on the 1850 census in Putnam County (no family) and in 1860 in Jasper County (no family, occupation overseer), and falls off the radar screen at that point. There is an unknown John Hawk listed in Randolph County in 1840, which may be a son of Jacob's. My speculation is that John may be the oldest surviving child of the four Hawk men.

Thompson, Hampton, Warren Hawk

These young men are listed in the Shade Dale school rolls in the early 1800s.

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