July 13th, 1864

Dear Uncle

As Mr. Tomlinson will have to leave soon under the orders of the Govt. I want you and Bud to see and make some arrangements for some one to go on my place until Tomlinson returns and I want you to go down there at least twice a week and what corn of mine is sole, I want you to keep this money for me and be sure to keep it close. If you donít get the money that is owing to me in Madison, you will have to let him have it to pay my taxes. Donít let my affairs at the Cuthbert place suffer and Iwill remunerate for all your trouble. Recollect, I am away and canít help myself and if my relatives donít help me now, I am ruined Uncle Seaborn. I rely upon you. I am owing you something if you get the money for corn sold to the Government agent. Lay yourself out of it. I want you to look at my meat in the smoke house and count the pieces and see how many barrels of syrup I have, that is if Tomlinson leaves, as a chance of men will be necessary as he might not be very honest. I want you to enquire about things and look close after matters and make Baker Charles call as he passes to his wifes house and tell you how things are going on ___ and tell Charles he must not be absent only one night in the week instead of two until I get home, either Saturday or Sunday night. I donít care which and to watch at night. I want to sell seven or 800 gallons of syrup. Find out who wants it. I want to sell by the barrel. I expect Tomlinson will want and I want the family to stay on the place, as he will not be kept out long I donít reckon. I think Tom Spears will be the best chance and I expect he will go down himself without his family. Talk with Frank Thompson about the matter. He may suggest some one or some arrangements to you.

Uncle Seaborn, I want you and Aunt Harriett to visit Carrie and console her in her troubles. The Lord is laying His hands on us heavily, for some good purpose, I hope. He has blessed us in an enurment[?] degree, and we have been ungrateful. Pray for us, for us both and give us a special ___ that we may be special objects of his protect and change our lives for the future and change our lives for t

[Annotation by Victor Hawk: This document is unsigned and incomplete, however the Atlanta Archives has full microfilm copy of the original transcription. The author was L. S. Pow.]