Subject: Re: More Church Records
From: "Bill Hawk"
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 15:45:07 -0500
To: "Victor Hawk"

The abbreviations are ux for uxor, Latin for wife. Fr is for frau. CR/D361 is indeed the shelf location: Church Record Delong Number 361. The name is Hawk in Franklin Co. PA records, ca 1800. Other spellings abound!
Letterkenny Twp. was formed in 1761 or 62 as part of Cumberland County. Franklin County was erected in 1784. The earliest record we have for John Haugh is as a tenant in the 1786 Tax List for Letterkenny Twp.
In the Tax Lists for Franklin County, source FR4 at Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Letterkenny Twp, 1796: John Houch, renter; 3 horses, 4 cows.
In the 1790 Census for Letterkenny Twp., page 306,  there is a record which is difficult to read which could be John Hauk, listing 3 white males over 16, and 3 white females.
In the 1830 Census, John Hauk is listed in the 70-80 age group, with 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 80-90. Elizabeth was 84 at that time, it appears that John was younger, perhaps 80. Who was the younger girl? Perhaps a servant or a great granddaughter.
In the 1850 Census, there is a John Hauk age 75, a laborer living with Henry Stough and family. This is probably not our John, the age is 25 or so years too young.
John Hawk and his son Jacob held 245 Acres in Letterkenny Twp. as Tenants in Common. Sometime after Jacob died, about 1817, the land was divided in favor of Jacob's widow and her children. Jacob's half was sold.
Subsequent sales of the property are listed in the following :
(1) 22 Mar. 1834, John Stump and Wf. Elizabeth to James Kell, $1600, Neighbors were Wm. Davis, Adam Killinger, Nicholas Black, John HAWK, Abr. Wenger.
(2) 18 May 1835, J.Kell and Wf. Rachel to John Rankin, $1600, Neighbors were same as above.
(3) 20 Mar 1837, John Rankin and Wf. Elemina to David Hostetter, $1600, Neighbors were Wm.  Davis' heirs, Jos. Burkhardt, Adam Killinger, Nicholas Black, John HAWK, and Abr. Wenger's heirs.
(4) 3 apr. 1860, David Hostetter's heirs to John Burkhardt, $4559.42, Neighbors were Joseph Bollinger, Adam Carbaugh, Samuel Longnecker, William Gillan, Henry Wenger and Christian Wenger.....John HAWK no longer listed.