Subject: More from Berks of Old
From: "Bill Hawk"
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 17:01:52 -0500
To: "Victor Hawk"

This is the land that John paid tax on in 1780. Note that it is adjacent to property of Jacob Haak, and appears to be in both townships. I'll have to check the deeds and see about a plat map.
Berks of Old, Vol. III, No.4
Berks County, Book 1
09 Jun 1789. Jacob BOWER Esq, High Sheriff, came into Court and acknowledged his deed, dated 09 Jun 1789, to Johannes HAAK of Berks County, yeoman, for a gristmill, sawmill, oilmill and about 90 acres of land thereto belonging situated in Maxatawny and Rockland Townships, bounded by Christian SEIVERT, Jacob HAAK, and others. Sold 12 May last past as the estate of George SEIVERT dec'd at the suit of Stephen TALLMAN and Maria Barbara his wife (late Maria Barbara SEIVERT, one of the 4 daughters of George SEIVERT dec'd) vs Christian SEIVERT Jr, executor of George SEIVERT dec'd. Consideration: 421 10s specie. (pg 88)
You'll get a charge out of this next one. I don't know what township this refers to, but I hope it isn't Maxatawny or Rockland! Couldn't be one of our guys, could it?
Berks of Old, Vol V N o 3
Berks County, Minute Book 1805-1809
August Sessions 1806. Respublica vs John HAWK. Fornication etc. True Bill, Nov 1806. Defendant, being charged, pleads Not Guilty. 06 Jan 1807: Defendant retracts his plea, pleads Guilty, and submits. Sentence of the Court is that John HAWK pay unto Catharine KRILL $14 for her lying in expenses; pay $46 for the support of the child from the day of its birth until this day, thencefoward $1 per week until the child shall arrive at the age of 7 years; pay a fine of 10 to the Commonwealth; pay the costs of prosecution; indemnify the township against the child ever becoming a charge to the same; that he give security himself in the sum of $500 and one freeholder in the like sum to comply with the whole of this sentence; and in the meantime to stand committed etc. Witness:
Catharine KRILL. (page 67)