Descendants of Andrew Haack


This document was developed by William M. Hawk, who descends from Franklin County, Pennsylvania Hawks. The backbone structure came from two sources: World Family Tree Vol. 2, #3137, and the William McCready website at Both of these references are unfortunately lacking in primary sources.


Onto this structure Bill has compiled records from Pennsylvania churches, tax lists, land warrants and surveys, last will and testaments, and all other primary sources that he and I believe refer to this family.


This is by anyone’s reckoning a working document. It will change as more data is uncovered and as the lines and persons are teased apart.


Generation No. 1


1. ANDREW1 HAACK was born about 1703, and died between 1775 and 1780 in Rockland Twp, Berks Co., Pa.. He married ANNA CUNIGUNDA between 1723 and 1725. She was born about 1705, and died after 1780 in Rockland Twp, Berks Co., Pa..



Andreas or Andrew Haack was probably born in Germany. He was 35 years old when he arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Winter, 5 Sept. 1738. Edward Paynter was Captain and the ship (a galley) contained 252 passengers, 139 males 16 and over, and 113 women and children. His wife Anna Cunigunda and many of his children must have been with him, as they were obviously born before 1738. None of the boys had reached 16 by the time they got to Philadelphia.


Andrew and family may have spent some time in Philadelphia, but they moved fairly quickly to Berks or Upper Montgomery County. Andrew's son Andrew was married to Christina Hinterleiter on 26 Sept, 1758 by Rev. Weiss of the New Goshenhoppen Church in East Greenville, Montgomery Co. It is not known if the marriage took place at the church, only that it appears in Rev. Weiss's records.


Andrew obtained a warrant for land, 25 acres in Long Swamp Township Berks Co. early in 1758. It is not known if or for how long the family lived there, but in 1767 he paid taxes on seven acres including a grist mill in Rockland Township. Long Swamp and Rockland are next to each other, and only a few miles from East Greenville. Rockland Township history tells us that there were many streams with good falls providing much water power and there were consequently many mills of all kinds there. Montgomery's History of Berks Co. in the Rockland Township section mentions "the old Haag Mill". Montgomery also says "near the Oley line Jacob Barto put up a paper mill.......Here for a short time, a small mill was operated by two Germans in the manufacture of Birch oil."


Land Warrants, PA Archives Series 3, Vol 26

p. 269, Andreas Hawk 25 acres Mar 7 1758


Andrew Hawk, 25 Acres. Long Swamp Twp.


Tax Records:

PA Archives, Series 3, Vol 18

p. 10 1767 Rockland Twp. Haak, Andreas 7 acres, 0 Horses , 0 Sheep, Tax 6 g.m.

g.m. = grist mill

p. 141 1768 Maxatawny Twp. Haag Andreas 200 Acres 4 horses 4 cattle 4 sheep tax 13


LW&T of HAACK, ANDREW, Rockland.

October 8, 1775 - November 18, 1780. Book B - 23.

To wife Anna Cunigunda, my whole estate during life.

To son John £55 and this shall be paid to him the 27th day of May 1776. And so likewise my son William, and sons Andrew and Jacob, every one have rec'd. their portion.

After wife's decease what remains shall be equally divided among son Peter and daus Agnes wife of Conrad MANESMITH, heirs of dau. Barbara wife of Deobald BAYER decd, dau. Margareth wife of Jacob SHERRAIN, Justina wife of Michael SCHEFFER and Mary wife of Jacob WEZEL and Susanna wife of George RIGHT.

Exrs: son in law Jacob SCHARRADIN and son John.

Wit: Jacob BECKER Jr, Abm. HERB.



Children of ANDREW HAACK and ANNA are:

2. i. WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, born about 1723.


iii. BARBARA HAACK, died before 17751; m. DEOBALD BAYER



Notes for JULIA HAACK:

Andrew Haack's will gives her name as Justina. See notes on Andrew Haack, b. abt 1700.



vi. MARIA HAACK m. JACOB WETZEL, 26 Oct 1759, New Goshenhoppen Ch, Montgomery, Pa.2.

3. vii. AGNES HAACK, b. about 1728.

4. viii. ANNA MARGARETHA HAACK, b. 15 Feb 1734/35, Germany; d. 30 Jan 1808, Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co., Pa..

5. ix. JACOB HACK, b. 03 May 1744, Pa.; d. 26 Jan 1829, Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA.

6. x. ANDREW HAWK, b. about 1739; d. in Georgia, USA.

7. xi. JOHN HACK, b. about 1755.



Generation No. 2


2. WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK (ANDREW1 HAACK) was born about 1723. He married EVA MARGARETHA. She was born about 1731, and died after 1756.



William Heinrich was not yet 16 in 1738. (Not listed in the ship Winter lists.)

Mentioned first in his father's will, we assume he was the first son, so estimate he was born ca. 1723.

Children of WILHELM HACK and EVA are:

8. i. ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK, b. 09 Feb 1756, Pa.; d. 11 Mar 1841, Longswamp Twp, Berks Co., Pa..

ii. --?-- HACK3, b. 1761, Rockland Twp., Berks Co., PA.


Notes for --?-- HACK:

Discover Your Family Story Pennsylvania Church Records - Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881 Pennsylvania Church Records - Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881

Name: Heinrich Hack

Date: Jun 14, 1761

Event: Baptism

Relation: Father

Location: Berks Co., PA

Church: Christ Church on Bieber Creek or Mertz Church, Rockland Township.

Record_ID: 279637

Source Information: Pennsylvania Church Records - Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2004. Original data: Extracted from microfilmed transcriptions of the original church records. The microfilmed records are located at the Family History Library.

Description: This database contains information on almost 180,000 individuals found in the records of more than fifty Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) churches. These churches are located in Adams, Berks, and Lancaster counties. Information that may be found in this data set includes name of individual, date of event, event type, record ID, relation to principal individual in the record, location, and name of church.

Copyright © 1998-2006, Inc.


3. AGNES2 HAACK (ANDREW1) was born about 1728. She married JOHANN CONRAD MANESCHMIDT. He was born about 1725.


i. ANNA APOLLONIA3 MANESCHMIDT, b. 19 Mar 1748/49, Berks Co., Pa.

ii. CHRISTIAN MANESCHMIDT, b. 08 Dec 1750, Berks Co., Pa.

iii. APOLLONIA MANESCHMIDT, b. 13 Nov 1753, Berks Co., Pa.



4. ANNA MARGARETHA2 HAACK (ANDREW1) was born 15 Feb 1734/35 in Germany4, and died 30 Jan 1808 in Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co., Pa.5. She married JACOB SCHARADIN 15 Jun 1758. He was born 11 Jan 1734 or 1735 in Rauweiler, Germany, and died 11 Jul 1820 in Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co., Pa.6.



ii. MARIA C. SCHARADIN, b. 16 Aug 1759; d. 26 Dec 1827; m. DANIEL HOCH.

iii. JACOB SCHARADIN, b. 08 Jan 1761, Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co., Pa.; d. 09 Jan 1822.

iv. PETER SCHARADIN, b. 25 Jul 1764; d. 03 Mar 1841.

v. ABRAHAM SCHARADIN, b. 25 Jul 1766; d. 29 Dec 1818.

vi. SUSANNA SCHARADIN, b. 10 Feb 1769; d. 20 May 1847; m. NICHOLAS KUTZ; b. 14 Feb 1764, Maxatawny Twp, Berks, PA; d. 04 May 1831.

vii. DANIEL SCHARADIN, b. 19 May 1776, Berks Co., Pa.

viii. JUSTINA SCHARADIN, b. 12 Jan 1783, Berks Co., Pa.; d. 22 May 1852.



5. JACOB2 HACK (ANDREW1 HAACK)7 was born 03 May 1744 in Pa., and died 26 Jan 1829 in Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA8. He married MARGARETHA DUBBS9,10. She was born 26 Nov 1746 in Lower Milford, Lehigh Co., Pa., and died 24 Aug 1826 in Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA11.


Notes for JACOB HACK:

Land Warrants, PA Archives Series 3, Vol 26

p. 271, Jacob Hawk 100 acres survey date Mar 19 1773


Hawk, Jacob; Blue Mtn. 1773 100 acres


Haak, Jacob; Rockland 1785 160 acres


Haak, Jacob; Rockland 1828 10.7 acres


Tax Records:

PA Archives Series 3, Vol 18

See notes on John Hack for more complete records.


p. 159 1768 Rockland Twp. Haag, Jacob gm. 60 Acres 0 Horse, 1 cattle, 1 sheep, tax 5

p. 667 1784 Rockland Twp. Haak, Jacob gm. 110 Acre 4 horse, 4 cattle, 5 sheep, persons 4


Will of Jacob Haak probated 9 Feb 1829, Maxatawny Twp., Berks co., PA

Berks co. Will Book Vol 6, p. 291

Son John

Children by John's first wife: Jacob H., John H., Barbara(Hottenstein), also Susanna, George and Esther

Dau Barbara(George Sell)

Exexcs; Grandsons John, Jacob and Benjamin Hottenstein


Tomb Stone at DeLong's Church Cemetery:

Hier Ruhet

in der Hoffnung einer seligen


Jacob Haak

Er wurde geboren den 3ten May

1744, und ist gestorben den 26sten

January 1829: in einem Alter

von 84 Jahr 8 Monat und 23 Tag.

Lichen Text Jesaias C. 57 v. 2.

Die richtig für sich gewandelt haben

kommen zum Fried, und ruhen

in ihren Kammern


Here Rests

In the hope of blessed


Jacob Haak

He was born 3 May 1744

and died 26 January 1829, in all

aged 84 years 8 months and 23 days

Life Text: Isaiah Ch. 57 v.2




Family Archives CD#163, Pennsylvania Genealogies says in the Dubs family section that Elizabeth Dubs(b. 1750) married Jacob Hack, not Margaretha. Must be wrong…see the tomb stone data.


9. i. JOHN3 HACK, b. 08 Sep 1769.

ii. JOHANN JACOB HACK, b. 06 Jul 177312; d. 30 Sep 1823, Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA13.




6. ANDREW2 HAWK (ANDREW1 HAACK) was born about 1739, and died in Georgia, USA. He married ANNA CHRISTINA HINDERLEITER 26 Jun 1759 in New Goshenhoppen Ch, Montgomery, Pa.15, daughter of JOHANN HINTERLEITNER and MARIA MAURER. She was born 1740.


Notes for ANDREW HAWK:

Andreas (Andrew), the Georgia founder, m. Christina Hinderleiter (b. 1740) 26 June 1759 Goshenhoppen Church, Montgomery County, Pa. (The new data lines up well with my "1750 or prior" estimate of his birth based on my previous research.)

....... Dau Catherine born 20 June 1761, baptized 16 May 1762, deceased prior to 1775

....... Sponsored John Jacob Hinterlyder baptism 7 June 1767 as Andreas Haack and wife.

....... Sponsored Andreas Neidlinger baptism 14 Aug 1768 as Andreas Hack ux.

....... Sponsored Johan Georg Schoeffer baptism 27 Nov 1768 as Andreas Haack ux Christina.

....... Dau Hack, b. 21 Sep 1769, baptised 22 Oct 1769, parents Andrew Haack and Anna Christina, sponsored by Jacob Haack and Margaret.

....... Sponsored Son of Jacob Hag 22 October 1769 (the child born 8 Sep 1769) as Andrew Hag and wife.

....... Son Peter born ca. 1770.

....... Son Andrew born ca. 1770.

....... 20 April 1772 bought 90 acres of land in Rockland Township (Berks County, PA) and Mills from Casper Seibert (or Seivert).

....... Sponsored Christina Hinterleiter baptism 24 July 1774 as Andreas Hack ux Christina.

....... 20 Jun 1778 resided in Friderick County, Maryland, filed a power of attorney to brother John Haack to recover the deed from Seibert for the above land.

....... 26 Apr 1779 militia record, absentee return, Philadelphia City, Andrew Hawk.

....... 1780-81, militia record, Philadelphia City, Andrew Hawk.

....... 17 May 1784, bounty warrant for land in Washington Co., GA.

....... Son William born ca. 1784.

....... Son Jacob born ca. 1784.

....... 4 Nov 1789, lost and found ad, a steer wandered onto his pasture near Augusta, GA.

....... Note, 1781-87, militia record for York Co., Andrew Hawk, adjutant - likely not ours.




Name: Christina Hinterleiter

Description: Daughter

Date: 6 Mar 1780

Prove Date: 12 Dec 1780

BookPage: R:359

Remarks: Hinterleiter, Caspar. Marlborough, Co. of Phila. Yeoman. March 6, 1780. Dec 12, 1780. R.359. Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Christina, Wife of Andrew Haag, Michael, Clara, Wife of Benedick Neidlinger, Dorothea, Wife of Peter Young, Margareth, Wife of Abram Shantz. Overseers and Trustees: Benedict Neidlinger, Philip Muth. Exec: Mathias and Michael Hinterleiter.

Source Information:

Lineages, Inc., comp. Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1819 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2000. Original data: Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1819. Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1900.


This database includes abstracts from probated wills from Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. for the years 1682-1819. Each record provides the names of all individuals named in a will, their relationship to the deceased and the date the will was proved in court. Researchers may obtain copies of the original wills at the city hall in Philadelphia.




i. ANNA MARGARETHA3 (PEGGY) HAWK, b. about 1760; m. --?-- HARRIS, about 1780.

ii. ANDREW HAWK, b. about 1762.

iii. WILLIAM HAWK, b. about 1764.

iv. JACOB HAWK, b. about 1766.

v. PETER HAWK, b. about 1768.

vi. CATHERINE HAWK16, b. 20 Jun 1761, Rockland Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania17.

vii. DAU HAWK, b. 21 Sep 1769, Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA18.


Notes for DAU HAWK:

is this Anna Margaretha?



7. JOHN2 HACK (ANDREW1 HAACK) was born about 1755. He married ELISABETH.


Notes for JOHN HACK:

17 May 1755 may be his birthday. Andrew willed him 55 pounds to be paid on 17 May 1776, which may have been his 21st birthday.


Tax Records: Penna Archives Vol. 18

Page year Township Name Acres H C S Persons Tax

267 1779 Rockland Hawk, Jacob g.m. 60 - 2 2 490

Hawk, John g.m, o.m 50 - 1 3 609

403 1780 Rockland Hawk, Jacob g.m. 110 - 3 4 36.5.0

Hawk, John g.m, o.m 90 - 2 5 52.0.0

523 1781 Rockland Hawk, John g.m, s.m, o.m 90 - 3 5 6.10.0

Jacob not listed in 1781

no. of persons added, no tax listed for 1784 Persons

667 1784 Rockland Haack, Jacob m. 110 - 4 4 5 4

Haack, John 90 - 3 6 6 5

g.m, s.m, o.m

only tax assessment is given for 1785

786 1785 Rockland Haak, Jacob 2.9.6

Haak, John 2.7.9



g.h = grist mill, s.m.= saw mill

o.m = oil mill


Children of JOHN HACK and ELISABETH are:


ii. JOHN HACK, b. 05 Mar 177519.

iii. JOHN FREDERICK HACK, b. 22 Jan 1776.

iv. ELISABETH HACK, b. 20 Apr 1777.

v. JOHN HACK, b. 12 Dec 1780.

vi. PETER HACK, b. 03 May 1784.

vii. SUSANNA HACK, b. 02 Jan 1786.



Generation No. 3


8. ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK (WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, ANDREW1 HAACK) was born 09 Feb 1756 in Pa., and died 11 Mar 1841 in Longswamp Twp, Berks Co., Pa.. She married JOSEPH FENSTERMACHER 07 Apr 1773, son of JOHANN FENSTERMACHER and ANNA SCHWEIG. He was born about 1750 in Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa., and died 01 Jun 1806 in Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa..


i. JOHANNES4 FENSTERMACHER, b. 12 Feb 1776, Berks, Pa.; d. Bef. 1786.

ii. PETER FENSTERMACHER, b. 20 Nov 1778, Berks, Pa.; d. Bef. 1806.

iii. REBECCA FENSTERMACHER, b. 06 Mar 1781, Berks, Pa.; d. 26 Aug 1870; m. JOHANNES RAU, b. about 1780.

10. iv. CATHARINA FENSTERMACHER, b. 13 Oct 1782, Berks, Pa.; d. Bef. 1812.

11. v. MARIA MAGDALENA FENSTERMACHER, b. 08 Sep 1783, Maxatawny Twp, Berks, Pa.; d. 10 Mar 1817, Pa..

12. vi. JOHANNES FENSTERMACHER, b. 06 May 1786, Berks, Pa.; d. 16 Jan 1866, Berks, Pa..

13. vii. ELISABETH FENSTERMACHER, b. 24 May 1788, Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa.

viii. JACOB FENSTERMACHER, b. 11 Sep 1789, Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa.; d. Bef. 1806.

ix. JOSEPH FENSTERMACHER, b. about 1791.



9. JOHN3 HACK (JACOB2, ANDREW1 HAACK)20 was born 08 Sep 1769.


Notes for JOHN HACK:

Children of his first wife are named in his father's will see notes on Jacob Haak(1744-1829)

Children of JOHN HACK are:









Generation No. 4


10. CATHARINA4 FENSTERMACHER (ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK, WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, ANDREW1 HAACK) was born 13 Oct 1782 in Berks, Pa., and died before 1812. She married GEORGE KOHL 21 Jun 1807 in Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa.. He was born about 1780.


i. BENJAMIN5 KOHL, b. 03 Jul 1807.



11. MARIA MAGDALENA4 FENSTERMACHER (ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK, WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, ANDREW1 HAACK) was born 08 Sep 1783 in Maxatawny Twp, Berks, Pa., and died 10 Mar 1817 in Pa.. She married JACOB LEIBENSPERGER 20 Sep 1807, son of JOHN LEIBENSPERGER and EVA BLANCK. He was born 08 Mar 1782 in Berks, Pa., and died 17 Aug 1860 in Pa..


i. JOHN5 LEIBENSPERGER, b. 19 Nov 1809, Pa.; d. 02 Jul 1888, Pa.; m. HANNAH C. SCHAEFFER, 06 Dec 1835; b. 1809; d. 1873.

14. ii. JACOB LEIBENSPERGER, b. 23 May 1811, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 27 Nov 1863, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa..

iii. LEVI LIVENSPIRE, b. 03 Feb 1813, Pa.; d. 09 Mar 1885, Marseilles, Ohio; m. ELIZA JANE COCHRAN, 10 May 1836; b. 03 Sep 1814; d. 01 May 1884, Marseilles, Ohio.

iv. DANIEL LEIBENSPERGER, b. 23 Jul 1816, Pa.



12. JOHANNES4 FENSTERMACHER (ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK, WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, ANDREW1 HAACK) was born 06 May 1786 in Berks, Pa., and died 16 Jan 1866 in Berks, Pa.. He married DOROTHEA FISCHER. She was born 06 Feb 1791, and died 24 Jun 1858.


i. REUBEN5 FENSTERMACHER, b. 01 Aug 1811; d. 27 Feb 1870.

ii. LEON FENSTERMACHER, b. 03 Oct 1814; d. 01 May 1889.



13. ELISABETH4 FENSTERMACHER (ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK, WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, ANDREW1 HAACK) was born 24 May 1788 in Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa. She married ADAM KELLER 02 Jun 1807 in Longswamp Church, Longswamp Twp, Berks, Pa.. He was born about 1786.





Generation No. 5


14. JACOB5 LEIBENSPERGER (MARIA MAGDALENA4 FENSTERMACHER, ANNA MARGARETHA3 HOAK, WILHELM HEINRICH2 HACK, ANDREW1 HAACK) was born 23 May 1811 in Lehigh, Pa., and died 27 Nov 1863 in Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.. He married VERONICA `FRANNIE' KLINE 1832, daughter of JOHANN KLEIN and ANNA SCHNEIDER. She was born 11 Aug 1812 in Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa., and died 19 Aug 1884 in Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa..


i. MARY ANN6 LEIBENSPERGER, b. 18 Oct 1833, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 27 May 1897, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; m. HENRY STAHLNECKER; b. 26 Sep 1830, Lower Milford, Bucks, Pa.; d. 20 Apr 1908.

ii. SUSANNA CAROLINE LEIBENSPERGER, b. 09 Aug 1835, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 07 Sep 1908, Fairview Park, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; m. HENRY M. MILLER, 05 Oct 1862; b. 28 Dec 1836; d. 13 Feb 1916, Fairview Park, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa..

iii. FETTA LEIBENSPERGER, b. 25 Oct 1836, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. May 1860, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; m. TILGHMAN KINCAID, 20 Dec 1855; b. 1833, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 1912, Clinton, Michigan.

iv. AMANDA LEIBENSPERGER, b. 02 May 1840, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 12 Mar 1917, BETHLEHEM, Hanover Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; m. ASHER BUSH, 17 Apr 1864, Allentown, Lehigh, Pa.; b. 13 Feb 1839; d. 20 May 1905, Pa..

v. DANIEL LEIBENSPERGER, b. 06 Dec 1842, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 10 Jul 1912, County Home, Lehigh, Pa.; m. MATILDA FRICK, 15 Aug 1878; b. 08 Oct 1854; d. 17 Nov 1937, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa..

vi. VERONICA `FRANNIE' LEIBENSPERGER, b. 1844, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 1917, Quakertown, Bucks, Pa.; m. JOHN CHRISTIAN SCHEID, 25 Oct 1863; b. 1841; d. 1886.

vii. EMMA LEIBENSPERGER, b. 1845, Pa.; d. 17 Jan 1926; m. JAMES JOSEPH NAGEL, 19 Apr 1868; b. 1846; d. 10 Nov 1872.

viii. JACOB LEIBENSPERGER, b. 25 Jan 1846, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 23 Feb 1916, Allentown, Lehigh, Pa.; m. SARAH E. KNAUSS, 25 Nov 1871; b. 02 Nov 1854, Pa.; d. 21 Feb 1896.

ix. ELIZA LEIBENSPERGER, b. 1849, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 1899; m. MOULTON KLECKNER; b. about 1848.

x. MARIA LEIBENSPERGER, b. 1852, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 1931, BETHLEHEM, Pa.; m. AUGUSTUS W. LONG, 28 Jul 1872; b. 16 May 1844; d. 01 Mar 1902.

xi. MOLDEN ALFRED LEIBENSPERGER, b. 29 Aug 1855, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa.; d. 10 Feb 1858, Salisbury Twp, Lehigh, Pa..






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